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Urtica dioica Nettle

You may not want to grow this plant in your garden but the next time you come by a nettle patch why not make a tea or a delicious soup.  Wear gloves and cut the tops with a scissor.  You only need to cut the top 4-6 leaves.  Some tops may have seed heads, leave these plants to ensure next year's nettle patch.  Nettles are rich in minerals including iron, vitamin C, serotonin and calcium.  No need to worry about stinging your throat as the heat inactivate the stingers making it safe to eat.  

Galium aparine Cleavers

For a refreshing spring drink try to this. Take a handful of Cleavers and wash and chop. Place in a coffee plunger or a jug. Cover with spring water and leave to infuse overnight in the fridge. In the morning strain and drink within two days.