Treating your body


Herbs work to restore balance within the body by stimulating certain functions or relaxing them where necessary. Herbs are selected to build and strengthen the body's natural responses to ailments in order to heal itself more efficiently.

Every herbal medicine mixture is tailored to the individual's needs. At your first consultation I will clarify how long your treatment may need to last.  However, during the treatment you may find that your health improves quicker than expected. 

Monthly visits are normal and for long term treatments a visit every three months may be adequate.

During your first consultation we will work together for 90 minutes to gather as much information about you as possible. This will include factors such as your lifestyle, family history and diet to give me a clearer picture about you.

Later during the consultation I will measure your blood pressure and if appropriate and with your full consent, perform a physical examination of the affected area. Afterwards I will determine the most suitable herbs and we will discuss a management plan together.

During your follow up consultation we will discuss your progress and make sure that you are heading in the right direction. The consultation usually lasts half an hour to forty five minutes. I usually prefer to see you on a monthly or bi-monthly visit where appropriate until we are satisfied with your new state of health.

Sometimes where appropriate your GP or another therapy may play a role in your herbal treatment although this will always be with your full agreement.