Treating your body

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has supported humanity for thousands of years and still does.  In fact many orthodox drugs such as aspirin and digoxin are fabricated from the healing ingredients found in specific plants such as the the willow tree and foxglove respectively. As a herbalist I have a holistic view which means that I consider every part of your persona during our investigation rather than just focussing on your illness or symptoms. We are complex organisms and so are plants. Therefore the herbalist will use all of the ingredients found in a particular flower, leaf or root rather than isolating one ingredient for increased potency.

The herbalist believes that all of the ingredients taken together complement each other and gently nudge the body back to health.

Modern science has confirmed numerous truths about the healing effects of many different herbs through scientific analyses and randomised controlled trials. However, many more herbs still remain unexplored by science and may therefore be discredited.  I consider both modern scientific knowledge as well as the 2000 year old proof records which herbalists keep.

Below are some useful links that will help you to find out more about herbal medicine and the safe practice of it, information (pics and pages) about herbs as well as companies who sell organic seeds/ herbs to grow.